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Print Prices

Prices for our artwork vary depending on size. Since many of our pieces have been cropped to a non-standard size, it's impossible to list all the various sizes/prices available. Instead, prices are determined by the longest dimensions desired. The remaining dimension is determined by the aspect ratio of the crop. Of course, there may be some slight variation in price regarding unusually cropped images. If you need to know the exact size and price of a print, please contact us or see the "Info - Print Prices" page of this website.

All materials used for mounting and matting are museum quality and acid free. This will insure your artwork will retain it's quality for years and years. All prints are limited signed editions. Your art work will include a certificate of authenticity which will include (among other things) the number of the edition.

Print Only

For cost effectiveness and ease of shipping, you can purchase the print only, without mounting, matting, or framing. The print will be shipped in a mailing tube where you can then take it to a local framer for matting, mounting, and framing of your choice.

Mounted and 8-ply Print

If you order this option, the original artwork will be matted with 8-ply mat. It can be cut to fit a standard size frame or cut to keep the original aspect ration of the print. White or off-white 8-ply mat is used, although other colors may be available. We only use 8-ply mat as we believe it is most complimentary to our artwork. Price reflect the matted/mounted size.

Mounted, Matted, & Framed Print

Choosing this option gives you a print that is ready to hang. Prices are determined by the matted size or, if you do not have the piece matted, the actual size of the print. The frame is not included in the size of the print. This option includes our standard black or brown frame (whichever compliments the image.) The artwork also includes glazing (low reflection, UV protection glass or acrylic). For shipped prints, we highly recommend acrylic to avoid damage. When glass is used, we only use reflection control glass with UV protection. This glass minimizes reflections while providing the brightest colors and contrast. Our acrylics provide the same qualities.

In order to maintain the highest quality artwork, we do all of the printing, mounting, matting and framing (including building the frames) and canvas stretching. We have taken great care in creating the artwork and believe the same care should be carried out in the framing/matting process. This give you the utmost in quality and a work of art truly created by Kates Nature Photography.

Of course we can provide you with several customs options regarding paper, mat, glass, frames etc. by contacting us.

Prices (determined by the longest dimension of the artwork. Prices do not reflect packaging and shipping costs.)

Print Only (Rolled and shipped in tube)

14" - $150

20" - $175

24" - $225

30" - $300

36" - $350

40" - $400

44" - $475

60" - $525

other - call

Matted/Mounted Print

14" - $200

20" - $275

24" - $350

30" - $400

36" - $450

40" - $550

44" - $625

60" - $750

other - call

Framed/Matted/Mounted Print

14" - $350

20" - $475

24" - $500

30" - $575

36" - $625

40" - $725

44" - $775

60" - $995

other - call

Canvas Gallery Wrap

24" - $495

30" - $595

36" - $695

40" - $795

44" - $895

60" - $995

72" - $1100

other - call