Read this Post First

A Word About My Posts

Although I've already done one post, it was a test of sorts - something to post so I could work out a few bugs and get a feel for posting on this blog.  Thanks to Michael O'Neill for giving me some feedback about the first post.  Hopefully, I'm working out some of the bugs.

This blog is new to me so I need to say a couple things about it.  First, I will try to post regularly (maybe once/week) as long as my shooting schedule allows it.  Second, I welcome all comments - good/bad - doesn't matter.  I'd be interested in hearing other opinions and comments.  Third, and probably most important, these posts are not really themed in any way, other than they will be about photography (and all things association with it) and the art of photography (i.e. making the images, collecting them etc.)  I would like them to be of interest to all - but that's probably not going to happen.  But if you find a topic of interest, please read about it.  If you don't, then maybe the next will be interesting to you.  Try not to write off this blog as "not meant for me."  Whether you are a full-time photographer, part-time photographer, amateur photographer, or someone's who's just interested in photography, art, or the back story on how some of these images were created etc. there will be posts here for you.  If you're only interested in the images on my site and not interested in photography, there will be posts for you as well.  The point is that I have no particular direction for posts and I have no desire to exclude anyone.  These posts will be about something I find interesting with regards to creating photographic art.  

From a marketing perspective, I've been told that my blog should be meant for driving people to my website and for selling images.  That's probably not going to happen, and I'm OK with it.  To me, there are other ways to do that.  I want this blog to be a creative outlet, without the burden of "Do you think this post will sell some images?"  "How many followers will get from this post?"  While all these things are great and desirable, that's not the reason for this blog.  I also hope it will give everyone, photographers and non-photographers, an insight into the art and process involved in being a photographer and what it takes, both technical and non-technical, to create these images.